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A woman was abducted in her place. Now, time is running out for Julia Jackson to save herself from the same fate. A woman is taken at gunpoint from a downtown offi… More. The Highest Bidder by Sommer Marsden.

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Recent widow Casey Briggs is all about her upcoming charity bachelor auction. But when one of their bachelors is arrested and she… More.

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Shelve The Highest Bidder. Trying to prove her innocence in a murder investigation, interior designer Haley Farrell realizes that paintchips and fabric samples do not make a detective. Has she been caught in the perfectly desi… More. Betting on Love by Ann Patrick.

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Shelve Betting on Love. Erased by Jordan Marshall. They trained Sara Murphy to kill. They programmed her to forget everything. She was supposed to be the perfect patsy, until something went wrong… When Sara wakes up on the roof of a Union Square dep… More. Shelve Erased. Aspen Moore has a new life in a new city, complete with a new career. As a personal concierge, she sells her time to those who don't have enough.

One of the perks of her business is focusing on other… More.

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Shelve Buying Time Aspen Moore, 1. Her twenty year marriage to her high school sweetheart has recently ended, and with both of her childre… More.

Shelve Sodom and the Phoenix Virtual Seduction, 2. The Pineville Heist by Lee Chambers. Seventeen year old Aaron Stevens stumbles into the aftermath of a five million dollar bank heist gone wrong.

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In the list of options, find the kernel line - that is, the line beginning with the keyword linux or, in some cases, linux Append the following option to the end of this line:. If the displayed total amount of memory does not match your expectations, it is likely that at least one of your memory modules is faulty.

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Handling large data sets in R

Notably, laptop computers with integrated graphics cards will reserve some memory for the GPU. Additionally, the kdump crash kernel dumping mechanism reserves some memory for the secondary kernel used in case of the primary kernel crashing. This reserved memory will also not be displayed as available when using the free command.