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In spite of the compromising situation, Josh, who just happens to be an agent, sees great potential in her—and not just as an author. What happens when she finally reveals this to Josh? Will she lose him?

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Will she be forced to make an impossible choice? Very distracting. He looked up and met her eyes, his expression unreadable. The thought was horrifying.

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And exciting beyond words. The Knife's Edge by Matthew Wolf. Extracted by Sherry Ficklin, Tyler Jolley.

Devil's Wind by Patricia Wentworth. He's the only one in the series so far that has been monogamous and it gave a different touch to the story. I hope the next one is as good. Mar 03, Leisha added it Shelves: g-erotica , g-menage , series , x-kindle-library-read , g-contemporary , g-taboo. I really liked this one - it had a good amount story to it and it was interesting seeing Ronnie in this new light - another one out of the series that is very recommendable!

Jun 20, Charlene rated it liked it Shelves: erotica. This is the last book in the Baumgartners series for me I think I probably read a bit out of order and I think the one I enjoyed the least. Might have been the fact that Doc and Mrs. B were missing? In any case, this series has had many more winners than duds Jan 04, Arlyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-reviews. I liked this one. I guess I'm not freaky enough for all these open marriages that seem to be the norm in this family. I think it's way hotter that Janie's man laid down the law with "You're mine. I won't share.

Aug 17, Kent rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , kindle-books , adult , selena-kitt. I can't get enough of these Baumgartner stories and this one is just as good as the rest. I'm almost sad that I only have a couple more books in this series left to read. Jul 09, Angela Reichert rated it it was amazing. By far my favorite book in this series. Jun 15, Lady Allison rated it really liked it. Nov 24, Isabeau Delaunay rated it did not like it Shelves: hea , mf , contemporary , ff , ffm , poly , kinda-problematic , bisexual-mc. But in this book, young Janie has grown up and is living in NYC with Ronnie and TJ, serving as their nanny while also trying to get a career as a writer off the ground.

What this actually means is she spends time at fancy club 1 Oak a real place where she hooks up with Catherine, a wealthy model, and in the process meets her husband Josh - and the two fall for each other immediately. Ugh, their romance plays out across more scenes of incredible wealth in the city and I did NOT enjoy it.

Janie also makes a hideously homophobic comment that really should not be allowed from a woman who engages in queer sex acts on the regular. This is NOT the first time this series has had homophobic language and scenes in it The only good parts are a few conversations that Janie has with either TJ or Ronnie about the changing nature of what polyamory is and the relationship between the three of them.

But these are few and far between. I feel angry at where this series has gone.

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I will read the Henry story for complete-ism but I do not have a good feeling about where Selena Kitt is going with this. The Baumgartners are officially the worst. May 31, Stable rated it liked it. The sex scenes were hot - lesbian fisting aside. Too bad we had to read the "story" to get to them. I feel like this would be better as just a PWP. Jun 19, Gerald rated it really liked it. Sorry to see the end of The Baumgartners. I loved and will miss the Baumgartner's brand of sexy, adventurous and very hot, erotic fun.

Once again, more than just steamy, hot encounters were packed into "Janie" not that just that would have been a bad thing! With the big set-up of another reunion for Doc, Mrs. One tiny, tiny thing I didn't like, Josh's attitude towards the end.

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Call me "New fashioned", but Carrie and Doc made the series, by being free thinking, and sharing love and pleasure with several others. I think the world could use more of that. Ronnie and TJ, they were in good, with TJ giving Ronnie, and by extension, himself, the latitude to explore and discover their multifaceted sexual identities.

Josh's "I'm the only one in your life, and that's how it has to be" attitude to Janie irked me. Using love almost like a cage, ugh, it struck me as being confining, I dislike that cave mannish attitude, it stuck out amongst the liberal, refreshing attitudes of Carrie, Doc, Gretchen, Ronnie and TJ. If you like the Baumgartner stories, you'll like this one too.

While she's not playing nanny to Beth she can be found in the arms of Ronnie and TJ. Because when you're a Baumgartner apparently you have more that enough love to go around. This arrangment works for the most part until Janie wants more. After going home with Catherine she wakes up hung over and has a run in with Catherine's husband Josh. Thus begining more drama for this young woman. She still loves R and T but is starting to fall for Josh.

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Things get more complicated with Ronnies unexpected surprise and the arrival of Gretchen as well as a Cabin vacation her Mother planned. Just a warning while you read this if you read this go into knowing some might consider this taboo and polyrelationships are the 'norm' for this family.

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I didn't enjoy this story persay as some of the other but I do have to say I liked the ending. May 06, Mad Giles Giles A. Madding rated it really liked it Shelves: would-love-to-read-again. This is just one of the questions facing our youngest Baumgartner female in this third installment of the series.

Though she will never be my favorite character in this series, I did find myself liking Janie more than I did in Reunion. Wow, I am finding it a bit of a challenge to review this one without filling it full of all the spoilers I am trying to avoid. What can I say Selena Kitt is a master at writing scenes you just want to talk about and characters that make you care.

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Everyone from Reunion is back, though some are not in it as much as I would like. And some new faces are along for the ride as well. At its heart, this is a love story. Jun 28, Edith rated it did not like it. I can't get how Ronnie was 19 when it's started with the Baumgartners and Janie 21 in this book 23 but still, they seemed like kids.

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Or is it an american thing? Something felt wrong anyway. Josh a boring character, also his wife Cat, and the whole seems like since the series is not about Doc and Carrie I got bored with it easly. Josh a boring character, also his wife Cat, and the whole pregnancy-drama. Also: Why is everyone getting pregnant all the time?

Aug 07, Angi rated it it was amazing Shelves: insanely-frking-hot , nasty-dirty-hot , soul-mates , deep-passionate , playful-funny-amusing , friends-lovers , self-discovery , menage. This was a very hot read!! I Loved Janie's character an watching her grow into her own, and discovering whom she Well the Baumgartners saga continues as our little Janie here is all grown up she follows Ronnie and TJ to New York City to pursue all her dreams - As a writer, a nanny to beautiful little Beth, and as a lover to both Ronnie an TJ..