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Paper recycling plays a direct role in the preservation and biodiversity of forests, by lowering the demand for wood. The longleaf pine forest in the southern United States used to cover 90 million acres, but today less than five percent remains due to harvesting mature longleaf pin for the production of wood, paper, and other paper products.

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The longleaf pine forest is home to more than 20 endangered species. By recycling paper and paper products we are reducing the pressure on the remaining longleaf pine forest and preserving habitat for these endangered species. Studies have shown that for every one job in waste management there are four jobs in recycling. After the recycling process, even more jobs are created for making new goods out of the recycled materials. Jobs range from high quality product manufacturing to materials handling and processing, employing low-, medium-, and highly-skilled workers.

To put these numbers into better perspective, for every 1, tons of recycled material 1. Recycling also saves communities money in waste handling, landfill production, and incineration costs associated with burning garbage because waste is being recycled and reused rather than put into the landfills.

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By buying recycled products and packaging we can create an economic incentive for recyclable materials to be collected, recycled, and manufacture into new products. This creates a closed loop system that reduces the costs of recycling.

Why Recycle Plastics?

By recycling hazardous waste, it is prevented from making it to the landfills where it can potentially contaminate water sources through seepage, which has been known to happen. The EPA estimates that 0. According to Stanford University , the amount of energy that is lost by throwing away recyclables such as aluminum cans and newspapers is the equivalent to the annual output of 15 power plants.

For every one ton of recycled newsprint 1.

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One ton of recycled news print saves 9. Recycling one ton of plastic saves For every one ton of glass 0. Recycling one ton of aluminum saves 40 barrels of oil, 14, kilowatts of energy and 10 cubic yards of landfill space. As you can see by recycling you are reducing pollution, conserving resources, saving energy, promoting the economy, and creating jobs.

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When we are only recycling a quarter of what we produce in waste, not only are we wasting precious natural resources and polluting the environment, but we are also basically throwing away energy and destroying land and habitats just to create more energy to waste. As a consequence, plastic production has increased exponentially over the last couple of decades.

The world produces close to million tons of plastic each year. Nearly half of the plastic ever manufactured has been made since the year Every year, close to 8 million tons of garbage ends up in the oceans.

The largest one is The Great Pacific garbage patch. Due to the size and color of micro-plastic pieces animals confuse it with food, causing malnutrition.

Larger pieces of plastic, especially fish nets, make up a large part of the GPGP, and pose a great risk of entanglement, from which sea turtles suffer the most. Recycling a ton of plastic waste generates twice the economic impact as opposed to disposing of it in a landfill. In addition to creating jobs, recycling generates around million dollars in sales tax revenue on the local level, funds which local governments use to pay for social services and public safety programs, etc.

Manufacturing of a product usually consists of a number of stages including: materials extraction, processing and manufacturing, product use, and product disposal. If you can eliminate a step in that process, you can save energy. According to a study, recycling a ton of plastic saves energy equal to 5. Plastic is made from natural gas or crude oil derivatives.

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A large amount of petroleum is used in the production of new plastic products. As a direct result of oil consumption reduction, emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases drastically decreases.

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  8. Greenhouse gases are emitted while burning non-renewable fossil fuels to make plastic. Since recycling plastic lowers oil consumption in the manufacturing of new plastic, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, too. A study by the European Commission suggests that increasing the use of recycled materials could substantially reduce the carbon footprint of plastic packaging.