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Pitt's voice. I realized I was standing next to--get this--me!

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Next to Hadley! Panicked, I looked down at myself! And that was shocking, let me tell you. Because I would never, ever, dress like a wannabe earth mother, but it seemed I was wearing a flowery peasant skirt! It seems that Hadley Fox, perfect student, with perfect attendance, a certified 4. Pitt, she of the many artsy-crafty rings and sensible shoes, while her own body seems to be temporarily inhabited by Ms. Pitt herself. Uncharacteristically floundering through her impromptu report, Hadley is pulled into the hall by the ever-empathetic Ms.

Pitt, who has to know why her top student is flubbing her big presentation. When Hadley protests that it was a simple mistake with her new daily planner and that she read and memorized the vocabulary study for the novel, Ms.

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  6. Pitt launches into one of her characteristic lectures. To Kill a Mockingbird is about more than vocabulary words. It's about life Hadley insists that she does, and to prove it, quickly finds and reads from the novel the words of Atticus Finch: "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view Pitt snatches it up and the two fnd themselves finishing the quote together: " Hadley and Ms.

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    Pitt suddenly realize what has happened--that something has determined that they will walk around in each other's skins for the rest of the day. At first both are flabbergasted. They re-read the quotation forward and then backward, hoping to reverse the spell, but are interrupted by the approach of the principal, Mr.

    Wells, who queries "Ms. Pitt" as to why she has left her eighth-grade class alone. Hadley, trying unsuccessfully to impersonate Ms. Pitt, stammers out an explanation that Wells obviously finds unsatisfactory and he dourly reminds her that her interview for English Department chair is scheduled for that afternoon. And that is just the beginning of the freaky events of that messy Monday.

    Hadley, year-old dorkette, and Carol Pitt, empathetic and devoted spinster teacher, have some very funny adventures as they make their way through each other's day, complicated by the discovery that they each have a secret admirer who is looking forward to meeting at the school dance that night.

    Hadley, as Ms. Pitt, struggles through an attempted flirtation initiated by substitute teacher Mr. Pitt a puzzled look. Kenkel asked in a suspicious tone. Kenkel held the door open for me and I crept inside. I had always wondered what lay behind these doors. What were the teachers talking about in here? Major school secrets? Lurid gossip?

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    Two of the teachers were riveted to the TV. I burst into laughter—somehow a soap opera seemed strangely removed from the intention of higher learning. I found several cans of Slim Fast and brown paper bags. There was also an environmentally friendly recyclable lunch box that had clearly been marked with a Sharpie: MS. I reached for it and sat down. I was horrified and not surprised to see Ms. Pitt had packed a weird organic vegan mush thing. All I knew was that it was very suspicious-looking lying there in the Tupperware bowl.

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    Kenkel shot me another worried look. Kenkel said. Kenkel let out a shocked gasp but was clearly amused. Then I went straight to the vending machine. I dumped a few quarters in and whammo, a yummy Dolly Madison fruit pie fell at my feet. I decided to top it off with a little Mountain Dew. That was more like it.

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    Several teachers looked at me like I had just tossed a box full of kittens out of the window or something. I then noticed the shop 59 teacher, Mr. Krupp, asleep on the couch, snoring away. It also seemed Mrs. The whole situation seemed profoundly half-baked. Kenkel asked with an air of familiarity as she chewed into her icky-looking tuna salad sandwich.

    I was clueless. An hour? Kenkel burst into hysterics. Silsand long. I admit: Sometimes I wish I cared less. But I do care. And I know you get that more than anyone else. Three and a half? At night?

    Freaky Monday

    To grade papers? I thought maybe it all happened magically.

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    Did you hear about Ed? Kenkel said conspiratorially, leaning in, as if sharing a juicy secret. Ed Norton? Ed who? Kenkel placed a clammy hand on my forehead, as if checking my temperature.

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    It was the truth. His wife. Go on.

    Kenkel 61 provided awkward and a bit too theatrical air quotes. Kenkel clucked and laughed uproariously at her big joke. It was like she thought she was channeling Chris Rock.