Guide How to Make Hydrogen (The Secret Oil Companies Dont Want You to Know)

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There are always a few of you, asking why we should care about the temperature rising, or questioning the science of climate change. I want you to know that I hear you.

what is that the fuel companies dont want you to know?

Even those of you who say renewable energy is a conspiracy. Even those who say climate change is a hoax. Even those of you who use four letter words. I've heard all of your questions, and now I have three questions for you. Let's put climate change aside for a minute. In fact, let's assume you're right.

First - do you believe it is acceptable that 7 million people die every year from pollution? That's more than murders, suicides, and car accidents - combined. Every day, 19, people die from pollution from fossil fuels. Do you accept those deaths? Do you accept that children all over the world have to grow up breathing with inhalers? Now, my second question: do you believe coal and oil will be the fuels of the future? Besides the fact that fossil fuels destroy our lungs, everyone agrees that eventually they will run out.

What's your plan then? I, personally, want a plan. So — inaudible — the market — there are — you have moves in these markets which could be much quicker but what you think.

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So the idea of stability is a dream for the ruler of producing countries, but it will never happen. I would be them, I would — I would tell you I would not change my policy. You forget. And one of the main challenge for me and my company will be to try to manage to maintain the discipline.

But even for me, you know, of course when I see fires? We never — we were not — inaudible. So we were right to acquire the low cycle. You cannot — so the question of keep the discipline is really — for me, the cycles are linked to this difficulty of maintaining to be permanent. I think 75 dollars , OK, we are very comfortable. So one of the objectives will be to keep that break-even at that level because that means that then we can deliver more dividends or buy back shares — inaudible — our shareholders, but also we can grow, use part of these revenues to grow the company in the new energies, low-carbon businesses, you know.

The Oil and Gas Sector is a Great Place for Women | Energy Central

You released an announcement on it yesterday about what it means for you in South Pars. What would you like to say about how that changes your perspective on investment in Iran — your investment in particular, but then also just the regional dynamics? Do you think it will have a broader effect as well? It has a major effect on the dynamic in the region. We are — we will see the effects month after month. As soon as the U. You know, I will just like to — three examples, you know — inaudible — statement.

Millennials Really Do Ruin Everything, And Big Oil Is Next

Secondary sanctions means that the U. I cannot run a company in countries without any access to any U. This is our world. Ninety percent of the financing of Total are linked to U. The second possible secondary sanction is that it could give order to investors not to invest in Total. I have more than 30 percent, almost 35 percent, of U. I will not lose them. And then he could also give order that we could be — have problems with our assets in the U. We intend to grow.

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So this — it was always clear to us. We have done it fully legally. It was an opportunity. We negotiated it. I think it was a — it is a project which is not growing the export — inaudible — Iran, domestic gas. So we participated, I think. So, at the end of the day, I am in charge of protecting Total, you know, and our interest of the company. And the only way, if we want to make that project, it would be to have a project waiver from the U. But we have also a contract with Iranian — with Iran that we will respect, which is asking us to ask the support of the French authorities to get that waiver.

So what will happen to the dynamic of the — of the region will be another interesting position to observe. You know, we have a strong position in that region, in Abu Dhabi, in Qatar and in Saudi Arabia mainly. Maybe we are no so far, but we will see. We do our best to do that. You know, we had — inaudible — who understood what President Trump will do. Name and affiliation, question in the form of a question.

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  • Wait for the microphone. Thank you for your illuminating and candid comments today. My questions are about Venezuela. As you may know, the United States is considering banning the export of diluent and the import of hydrocarbons from Venezuela as a way of pressuring them to respect their legitimate constitution, and the prospect that they may steal the next election is kind of a forcing event.

    So two questions: One, for Total, what would be the impact of those sanctions if they were implemented on the sector? Would it just change flows or would it actually achieve its purpose of forcing a decline in production? Something totally different. You know, Total is a French company and France historically has been heavily invested in nuclear power and the electric power sector. There are now 40 governments around the world that are doing this, and 18 companies have come out publicly in favor of the policy.

    Talk:Abiogenic petroleum origin/Archive 2

    It was the first super major to come out with a policy in favor of contract transparency, and it also goes further to say that it would also advocate for contract transparency in the countries in which it works. First, Venezuela. We are producing gas, domestic gas. The production is declining because you have a lack of everything — a lack of money, a lack of tools. A lack of maintenance has become an issue.