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It's really up to you to navigate what is a genuinely a complicated system. Social Security has 2, rules governing benefits… thousands of additional rules explaining that first set of rules… and a tangled web of red tape around claiming them. But if you don't request it in the right way at the right time, you may automatically forfeit your right to certain funds.

I'm talking about funds that often add up to tens of thousands of dollars for a single person and even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a couple. We're in the business of helping people get the most out of their retirement. And Social Security—while you may think about it as simply a "safety net"—might, in fact, be the most valuable tool you have in ensuring your "golden years" are not just comfortable… but actually hand you a retirement better than you ever imagined.

All I ask in exchange is that you cover shipping and handling. And when you request your free copy of the book, I'll also email you the details about this fast-approaching September 1 deadline to receive the maximum amount available to you. You have only limited time to figure out if you have extra funds coming to you under this provision.

So I'll be happy to email the specifics to you just as soon as you request your free copy of Retire in Luxury on Your Social Security. This book shows you how to put a plan in place that allows you to retire better, and quite possibly earlier, than you ever thought you could. And frankly, even if you opt not to request a copy, I strongly encourage you to review the complimentary materials the Social Security Administration provides about their benefits. Chances are you'll leave money on the table if you don't get informed about what you're eligible to receive.

That said, this valuable book is unlike anything else out there. It's written by Social Security expert Steve Garfink, who has more than 40 years of work experience in finance, strategic planning, and management. When he himself was approaching retirement age, one of the first things he did was to turn his attention to sorting out his and his wife's plan for claiming Social Security.

He figured it would be a pretty straightforward task and one he was highly qualified to do. Only he discovered that—despite his Ivy League education and his long professional background in finance—Social Security wasn't nearly as straightforward as he'd thought. So he dove into it with great focus, and after several years of study and analysis, he started a consulting firm that shows financial professionals how to help their clients and folks just like you to maximize Social Security benefits.

Social Security is incredibly complicated.

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And, as I've said, the vast majority of people leave money on the table. That's why I asked Steve to put this book together. Though he is not associated with the Social Security Administration, he knows his stuff. The Baby Boomers who have heard Steve speak on this subject say in overwhelming numbers that they'd recommend his valuable insights for their fellow Boomers. There's a lot of rotten, inaccurate information out there about Social Security. You hear him explain the fundamentals of the claiming strategy he recommends… and it feels like a revelation.

But his advice isn't just eye-opening… it could be worth thousands of dollars to you over the course of your retirement. Recently a couple approached me at a conference after I'd spoken about the importance of having a smart Social Security claims strategy—the subject of my book, Retire in Luxury on Your Social Security.

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Laura and Bob are both After hearing me speak, they wondered if there was anything they could or should do to increase their benefits over the long term. They did have some options, which I pointed out. However, something didn't sound quite right: Based on the information they gave me, Laura's benefit should have increased as soon as Bob started to collect his. I told them to call the Social Security Administration for an appointment as soon as they got home.

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Yet for some reason that adjustment in Laura's favor did not happen. I suspect it was a side effect of Bob having filed online instead of in person. However, the other earliest 10 months were lost because, well, that's the rule. You could well find yourself in Laura and Bob's shoes. But in Retire in Luxury on Your Social Security , I lay out the important facts and show you how to take full advantage of the opportunities to maximize what you're due.

And when you request yours today, we'll send you a copy, FREE. For starters, the good folks at the Social Security Administration, while helpful, are busy—too busy.

A many-years-long hiring freeze led to a reduction in staffing. While they've began to ramp back up, keep in mind that roughly 10, Baby Boomers a day reach retirement age.

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So, as I said, they have information that's useful, but it's up to you to dive in and navigate your way through it. That's why I think it's important to get advice from somebody who understands how Social Security works. The SSA website has 45, web pages. Meditate on that for a moment and you can see why I think it's useful to know somebody who has spent a lot of time under the hood.

And somebody who can translate the "facts" into practical, real-world guidance. Steve does that. And that's why I asked him to write this important book, with a fully updated editon out now. Because Steve shows people how to increase their Social Security benefits… and plan for a retirement that's more comfortable—and often earlier—than they ever thought they could have.

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With this book project, I'm on a mission—a national push, in fact—to show as many Americans as possible that they have more power over the value of their Social Security benefits—and their retirement—than they probably think. All I ask is that you cover the shipping and handling. Plus, in addition to the book, you'll receive five more free gifts—including the special white paper that details the benefit tied to the fast-approaching Saturday, September 1 deadline I've mentioned.

This white paper explains how it works, how you know if you qualify, and how to apply for your extra payout if you do. I'm willing to email that immediately because there is limited time to set that particular benefit in motion if you qualify to receive it.

I'll explain how to request this white paper free to you by email today as well as the details about the rest of this special package in a minute. But first…. Claiming your Social Security benefits at the wrong age and in the wrong way can cost you dearly. Now there are plenty of folks out there claiming the proverbial "sky is falling" when it comes to Social Security.

They'll tell you that you better grab your benefits as quickly as you can—the minute you're eligible—since there's no guarantee Social Security will be there in years to come.

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In fact, it has become so common to question the viability of Social Security that it's difficult to know where to begin to push back against the assumption that it is bound to fail. And once you understand how Social Security really works, you can use that knowledge to create the best strategy for the retirement you deserve. Social Security touches more people than just about any other federal program. And it is arguably the most popular government program in existence. A recent Pew survey revealed that opposition to Social Security cuts is the ONLY position shared by a majority of citizens across political parties.

Which brings me to my point: Even though Social Security is incredibly popular—you might even say "beloved"—you get lots of people saying that it is on the chopping block… and that it's bound to fail.

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But the dirty truth of the matter is this: When public figures tell us that something very dear to us is threatened, it gets our attention. Politicians speak hysterically about Social Security because it is a reliable path to votes and money.

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Consider this: If you are a politician and you want to reach out to voters, which of the following appeals seems, well, more appealing? Option A: "Social Security is fine. Don't worry about it. Please vote for me and send me money. Options B: "Social Security is going bankrupt. Together we can save it… if you vote for me and send me money. Clearly, Option B gets more people's attention. And the press repeats the "Option B" stories because "hysteria" sells more newspapers and magazines and page views online than "boring" stories do. Those people directly threatened by the specter of an unstable Social Security system—and I'm talking here about the The other couple of hundred million who don't yet collect benefits… they certainly don't feel great confidence in the future.

Really, it's not surprising that we're all left with the impression of a program that is tottering like a boxer about to go down for the count. So it stands to reason that people close to claiming their benefits might logically figure they had better do so as soon as they're eligible and collect before the system runs out of money.