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Woah, the art is amazing. It's on archive. Some nudity. Inspired the city look in Bladerunner. That's the same O'Bannon that wrote Alien. You can read it in 15 minutes.

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I used Comic Book Lover on Mac. View all 4 comments. A powerful sci-fi small story of sixteen pages by O'Bannon after the unsuccessful try with the cinematic adaptation of Dune he worked on Alien with Riddley Scott and the master of science fiction, monsieur Moebius. Even in that small a size Jean Giraud manages to hide a complete world full of details and untold stories, based on the clever sci-fi noir plot by O'Bannon. Not at ALL what I was expecting. I thought this would be small 52 pages story, I didn't expect it to be 8 super tiny ones.

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The art looks really cool. There's a spaceship at one time that I could not stop staring at. Jun 03, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , a. This is a collection of short sci-fi stories by Moebius some are written by others. The art is really fantastic. Some of the stories are really awesome, others are just alright predictable, but fun. Oct 07, Jemppu rated it it was amazing. Right from the beginning of this particular volume the visual similarities to Besson's Fifth Element are glaringly obvious.

And then there are what seem like lone designs 'borrowed' to Star Wars: Imperial probe, Queen Amidala fashion, even a creature quite alike 'Sy Snootles' the cantina singer. The quotation marked "Art" in " "Art" par Moebius" credits definitely makes you smile with sympathy to that recognizable artistic self-scrutiny.

Jan 25, Alex rated it it was amazing Shelves: european-comics. A sci-fi short stories collection of the highest quality by Moebius. The spiritual meanings hidden beneath each story are vast and the complementary notes by the creator offer a unusual reading experience. It's better to read the notes after the story and then read it again, you'll see it in a different and most of the times far more interesting perspective.

It's a pity these paperbacks by epic are so expensive and I had to resign to scanned cbrs.

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I'll surely continue to the other albums of A sci-fi short stories collection of the highest quality by Moebius. Por una ladera abajo iba una bifigafa con siete bifigafitos. Contigo entro un tren con trigo un tren con trigo contigo entro. El arzobispo de Constantinopla se quiere desarzobisconstantinopolitanizar. El suelo esta encuadriculado. Compadre, coco no compro, que el que poco coco come, poco coco compra.

Yo como poco coco como poco coco compro. Han dicho que he dicho un dicho, tal dicho no lo he dicho yo. Tengo una gallina pinta pipiripinta gorda pipirigorda pipiripintiva y sorda que tiene tres pollitos pintos pipiripintos gordos pipirigordos pipiripintivos y sordos. Si la gallina no hubiera sido pinta pipiripinta gorda pipirigorda pipiripintiva y sorda los pollitos no hubieran sido pintos pipiripintos gordos pipirigordos pipiripintivos y sordos.

Tengo una chiva etica peletica pelin pin petica pelada, peluda pelin pin puda que tiene tres chivitos eticos peleticos pelin pin peticos pelados peludos pelin pin pudos. Si la chiva no fuese etica peletica pelin pin petica los chivitos no fueran eticos peleticos pelin pin peticos pelados peludos pelin pin pudos.

El cielo esta enladrillado.

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Ese dicho, que me han dicho, que tu has dicho, que yo he dicho, ese dicho no lo he dicho porque si lo hubiera dicho, ese dicho estaria bien dicho por haberlo dicho yo. Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal en tres tristes trastos. En tres tristes trastos tragaban trigo tres tristes tigres.

Una que habla del querer. Como quieres que te quiera si el que quiero que me quiera no me quiere como quiero que me quiera. Chino chango chiflador que a tu china changa chiflas. La gata flaca panza blanca pata panda salta a la barda, caza a la rata, la ataja, la atrapa, la masca, la traga. Gran rata, gran caca! Yo como puerro pero el perro come puerco. Las Palabras: La palabra que dices es la palabra con la que se palabrea la palabra palabreada. Juego terminado: Que juego juegas que se juega que cuando juegas se juega el juego que juegas en el juego que se juega.

El pargo: Si me dices algo pargo debe ser pargo algo. Si algo es pargo el pargo es algo que es pargo que es algo pargo. Para poder hablar, Tienes que saber, El saber te da poder, Para poder hablar, Hablar por hablar, sin saber Te quita el poder Para poder hablar. En mi cesta hay, cerezas cerezas, cerezas dulces, cerezas rojas, cerezas dulces, cerezas cerezas, en mi cesta hay cerezas.

Rough Translations You dont swim at all? No, I didn't bring a swim suit. The wine came, but the wine didn't come as wine. The wine came as vinegar. Little by little Paquito is packing some wine glasses in a few boxes. From Guadalajara I come, bringing arrows, selling arrows, for half the price I give away each arrow. What expensive arrows I bring from Guadalajara.

From the hair to the elbow and from the elbow to the hair, from the elbow to the hair and from the hair to the elbow. Nonsensical sentence. Parangaricutirimicuaro is a village in Michoacan, Mexico. Brother of the brown gown, don't buy anymore brown gown, because who buy many brown gowns, pays for many brown gowns. I who bought many brown gowns, paid for many brwon gowns.

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Pablito stepped on the floor, while stepping on the floor Pablito stepped on pieces of the floor, he stepped on. Under the bridge of Guadalajara there was a rabbit under the water. A pipe hit a pipe and another pipe stopped it. There are pipes that have pipes but this pipe had no pipe. If the servant that serves you, doesn't serve as a servant, of what use is the service of a servant that doesn't serve.

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  • Juan had a tube, and the tube he had broke, and to restore the tube he had, he had to buy a tube the same as the tube he had. A pruner was pruning a grapevine and another pruner that passed by there asked him: "Pruner that prunes the grapevine, What grapevine do you prune? With a steel knife your heart will be taken out, he who takes out your heart will be he-who-takes-out-hearts. Thirty three sections of logs split three sad log splitters and trippled their work, trippling their work of splitting logs and logs.

    I saw in the orchard a bloody crow eating the hide of the body of the dead pig. From generation to generation the generations degenerate with more degeneracy. Chatting placidly on the silvered plane of the beach one heard the mourning mourner mourning. He who listens to the mourning mourner mourning will be one greatly mourned. Let's not look at each other, so that when they don't look at us we will look at each other. The abbot gave rice to the fox. In the plaza of Constantinople there was a corner, on the corner a house, on the house a balcony, on the balcony a post, on the post a parrot.