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It is a drink restaurant that primarily serves Milk. Barten , [2] and is open from 10 PM to dawn. The Milk Bar is a members-only establishment, and as such, it refuses entry and service to anyone during opening hours who does not have proof of membership in the form of Romani's Mask.

The Milk Bar

By speaking to The Indigo-Go's manager, Toto , near the stage, Link can participate in a sound check for the band. By doing so, Link can receive the Troupe Leader's Mask from Gorman , who happens to be listening to the performance.

During the ending credits, the members of the Gorman Troupe and The Indigo-Go's can be seen performing at the Milk Bar as part of the performances for the Carnival of Time. In Phantom Hourglass , a small Milk Bar can be located on Mercay Island , though nothing can be purchased from it; however, Link can receive a Power Gem from the bartender.

It is said that Linebeck usually stops at it.

A duo of musicians, comprising of a Bard and a Flute Boy , play a song for 10 Rupees. These songs are selected at random each time, and are a guitar and flute remixes of recurring songs from The Legend of Zelda series. Sign In.

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Milk Bar. Majora's Mask : Mr. Barten was happy to get his first delivery in quite a while! Who is Megs?

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