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Louis, MO Work:. Boxes Inc. Publications Amazon. I Have Found My Freedom tells of Faulkner and Beck, both imprisoned, both learning how to find freedom inside the confines of a strained rehabilitation system. Adding a level of pressure to the already strained state of his imprisonment, Faulkner decided to become a mute upon incarceration. Beck set HE RAN Fight That Ticket!

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James J. Most traffic tickets involve the alleged violation of speed limits. Therefore, much of the information in this book is directed at contesting speeding tickets. However, the majority of the principles and recommendations discussed here are applicable to any type of traffic law violation. Depending on Meanwhile, his mother Ashley will do anything to get him back alive — even if it means sac I was going to recommend Susan Eli MacNeal as well! I love historical fiction, and World War 2 era Great Britian is my favorite. We seem to have similar taste — four of the authors that I very impatiently wait for the next installment are Winspear, MacNeal, Penny and Rhys Bowen.

I discovered the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters when I was in high school and have reread several of them multiple times. Maybe not the most realistic mysteries but the characters are funny and memorable, plus all of the archaeology and the Egyptian setting makes them really fun reads.

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Having heard so much about Louise Penny, I was excited to check out her first Inspector Gamache story, Still Life, after recently signing up for a library card. In no way do I mean to to offend anyone here but I was shocked at how poorly written that book was. I know this is just my opinion but the writing was devastatingly painful throughout the story and the characters unbelievable, two dimensional, and awkward. Prior to reading the conclusion, I had this book pegged at two stars.

After reading the conclusion, I was forced to remove a star.

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It was impossible to guess how the mystery would conclude because it barely made any sense. Please, if there is something I am not seeing or if someone else has had the same experience, reach out! I am hoping her first book was a one-off and every book thereafter has been better though at this point I am afraid to even test that theory. I want to love Louise Penny after all the good things I have heard but I am afraid at this point I cannot. It also helps cut down my TBR. I think there is a big leap in writing quality between the first and second Louise Penny books and the writing continues to improve.

I recommend reading the first in the series, even if the writing is not as good as one would like, in order to get to know the characters.

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That said, I guess I need to head to the library for some Louise Penny books! The rest of the series is on my list now. Really good. Thanks, as always, for your recommendations. I even went to Knowlton last year, where she lives in the Canadian Eastern Townships, and which is a source of Three Pines.

In fact, you have Three Pines signs in the village, a really cool place. I really like these ideas because I can hardly wait until the next Louise Penny comes out. She only had two out when I found her and I eagerly awaited the next one each time. I am the same way with the two main series by John Sandford. I have to sincerely thank you for introducing me to these books. I finally started the series in the fall of and I was deeply in love straight away!

I wish I could live in Three Pines! So, thank you so much! I love the Gamache series, I love quirky books. Thank for this great chain. There are 17 books in the series now, the first is Iron Lake, published in They are also great on audio. Be sure to read them in order — enjoy! I love Louise Penny books and am on my third time reading through the series.

I get more out of them each time. It is by Julia Spencer Fleming. I thoroughly enjoyed her Simon Serrailler series. I am going to read the Louise Penny series. I have read all the Charles Todd books. I just finished the last one a couple of weeks ago. They are great. Did you start with the very first book in the Louise Penny series?

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Another great series is the Lady Sherlock books by Sherry Thomas. Bless you! And Gamache! They are extraordinarily well written mysteries. They read like well-written novels that happen to have a murder mystery in them. Dalgleish is a complicated character who grows over the series. I recommend reading them in order. I love and have read all the Martha Grimes Richard Jury mysteries. They do need to be read in order like most good series so you can get to know the characters. Jury has the same great sidekicks and neighbors helping in each book, good local color and humor, and confounding enough crimes.

Oh my! You all have filled my book list for years with all of these fantastic recommendations! Listening to the stories about Three Pines from Audible has been fantastic. Now I have a great new list of reads to dive into! And so many of my favorites mentioned as well!

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Any Martha Grimes fans ot there? Wonderful, wonderful continuing characters and crimes! I just find both lead characters in these books interesting. They are also both set during historical periods I find fascinating. The Lady Emily Books tend to travel to other countries.

The Lady Darby books stay in the UK. After years of hearing about Inspector Gamache books from you and others, I finally read book 1 in January. I just finished book 3 today. So when you read a series of books like the wonderful Louise Penny mysteries, do you read them one after another until you reach the newest one or do you read other books in between?? There are 10 books in the series to date.

These are hard-boiled mysteries, so on the gritty side.

With regard to Bess Crawford, when oh when will she and Simon make some progress? These are set in North Carolina. I also second the Bess Crawford series! I like Bess Crawford but after about the 5th I started feeling like the general plot was the same. I was just about to recommend Inspector Rutledge!! A very intelligent series, in my opinion. I am all caught up and eagerly await the next for both Rutledge and Bess.

I am beginning to wonder about Bess and Simon myself.

Another series I read faithfully…. Excellently read by Will Paxton. Liam Taggert, they work to bring him to justice. There are now 5 books in the series. I just finished the first book and downloaded the 2nd book. I enjoy quality prose, atmosphere, research,and plot construction.